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The W4MSI Repeater System is comprised of open repeaters located in South Western Kentucky. We encourage new and old amateurs alike to get on the air and enjoy the hobby that is Ham Radio. This system is part of the Allstarlink network.

Linked Repeaters

Elkton, KY — W4MSI — 146.810 (-) DCS 115 — Allstar 506792 — Echolink W4MSI-R

Oak Grove, KY — W4MSI — 444.125 (+) DCS 122 — Allstar 506791

Agnes, KY — W4RRA — 145.450 (-) PL 77.0 — Allstar 506793 — Echolink W4RRA-R

Hotspots and Nodes

W4MSI Bridge Hub – Allstar 506794

YSF Reflector – US Todd Co KY – W4MSI – # 50679

AllStar Commands

Connect to node. Press PTT and dial *0 followed by the node number you wish to connect to. Example: *027339 would connect you to the East Coast Reflector (node 27339).
Disconnect from any connected nodes. This will terminate your connection / hang up the links you’ve dialed and will also initiate an auto reconnection to the W4MSI Hub (where all the local repeaters are linked together).