Recently a climber was hired to come out and change out the VHF antenna and Feedline on the tower at the W4RRA repeater site in Agnes, KY. The new commercial antenna was erected and feedline was swapped without too much trouble. However, initial testing of the new setup proved to be far less than desirable. Upon further inspection/testing it was discovered that there was an SWR problem that ended up being related to the heliax connectors. The following week, the climber returned and those issues got resolved.

Coverage testing this time around showed a substantial improvement in performance of the repeater. It seems to be hearing much better as well as talking further than it has in the past by a good margin. Hopefully this will be the beginning of a long life for the new equipment on the W4RRA tower and we can enjoy the repeater for a long time to come. Thanks to Rodney (W4RRA), Corey (KO4HPL), Tony (KN4FYL) and all the others who assisted on site and remotely with the upgrades.


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