Article Copied From Introduction AllStarLink Nodes can be built in many ways with various tradeoffs […]
Recently a climber was hired to come out and change out the VHF antenna and Feedline […]
We are now opening up DTMF access for users of the repeater system. What this means, […]
YSF Reflector #50679 — US Todd Co KY — W4MSI I’m pleased to announce that YSF (Yaesu System […]
The Agnes location took on moderately low level lightning damage during recent storms. After some swapping […]
UPDATE: It has been determined that the Agnes site took a mile lightning hit during the […]
I’m pleased to announce an upgrade to the Weather Alert System on the W4MSI Repeater System. […]
The Elkton Repeater 146.810 was eventually restored. The project took much longer than expected due to […]
UPDATE: Repeater is back online and links have been restored. UPDATE: working through some issues with […]
S.K.A.T.S will be practicing their radio skills and participating in the 2023 ARRL Field Day exercise/contest […]