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*UPDATE* Agnes Link is Down

UPDATE: It has been determined that the Agnes site took a mile lightning hit during the recent storms. The main repeater is still up and functioning as a standalone repeater, however the external controller functionality was fried on the repeater side/interface. The external controller computer was damaged and the sound card card interface that bridges between the controller and the repeater was killed. There was also some networking equipment that died. Replacement equipment is available, however the repeater is the main hold up at this point. W4RRA will be checking on repair options and making decisions sometime soon in regard to repair/replacement of the repeater so that we can hopefully switch back to the external controller and re-establish the link at the Agnes location.

There is a problem with the network and controller at the Agnes (W4RRA) location. Elkton and Oak Grove are working normally however.

We hope to remedy the issues at the Agnes site and restore the link, hopefully by the end of the week, but at least within a couple of weeks.

I will post another update after we’ve gotten to the bottom of everything.

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