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How to Connect to Other Nodes with AllStarLink

We are now opening up DTMF access for users of the repeater system. What this means, is you’ll now be able to dial/connect/link other nodes around the world via the AllStarLink System. To do you there are some DTMF codes/commands you need to know. You’ll find them in the table below and they are also now published on the “About” page.

Please be mindful of the rules and regulations of the other nodes/repeaters you link up to and as always be kind and courteous operators to the others on the air.

Also, if you dial a link, when you are done, please be sure to dial the disconnect command.

Lastly, keep in mind about the latency involved when using linked systems. Just like there’s a 1 second or so delay on our local system, there are associated delays with other systems as well. For instance, a system like the East Coast Reflector, with hundreds of systems linked in, can have as much as a 3 second delay from the time you initially key up your transceiver to the time all connected nodes are keyed up. What that means, is when you’re using them, you need to key up and wait a couple seconds before you start talking to give internet propagation time to work and make sure that part of your transmission isn’t cut off on the other end. Likewise, be sure to give ample pause between your transmission ever so often to allow other stations time/opportunity to break in if they have a comment or need to use the system.

Ok that’s it, have fun!

AllStar Commands

Connect to node. Press PTT and dial *0 followed by the node number you wish to connect to. Example: *027339 would connect you to the East Coast Reflector (node 27339).
Disconnect from any connected nodes. This will terminate your connection / hang up the links you’ve dialed and will also initiate an auto reconnection to the W4MSI Hub (where all the local repeaters are linked together).

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